Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stephen Harper - The Canadian People Don't Care I Broke The Law

I find it hard to believe that the Canadian public do not care about Honesty, Integrity and Ethics in their government. watch the Video and see if you agree with Mr. Harpers assessment


  1. Sorry Mr. Harper, Canadians damned well do, want to know what is going on in Parliament. We resent the secrets which you have kept from us, and the opposition, by refusing to produce documents. We are fed up with your arrogance, as well. The Conservative Party isn't held in contempt of, the House for nothing. Mr. Harper, to my notion is somewhat of a dictator. Our Canadian boys went to war, so we wouldn't have fascism or dictatorship in our country. So obviously, we don't like your plan of, Global Governance for Canada either. Canadians want to keep our country sovereign. If you don't like our Canada, then get the hell out.

    Canadians are sick to death of you giving, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's, billions of our tax dollars. We are fed up with them getting huge tax reductions. I saw this motion pass, in the House of Commons, on their TV channel. You even want to give them, ANOTHER tax reduction, which will come off, Canadians pay checks.

    You have failed our country, very badly Mr. Harper. We hope never to be subjected, to you ever again. To give our country, to the wealthiest corporations in the world, makes me sick.

  2. Harper did not want Elizabeth May, to take part in the debate. She is an excellent debater, and has kicked Harper in the butt, in the past. The media does nothing, unless Harper endorses them to do so. Isn't Canadian democracy delightful. One million people wanted to listen to what May had to offer, for the debate. Well, excluding her has won her more votes. Make sure you watch her, with Peter Mansbridge tonight. I hope she kicks Harper so hard in the butt, that he will think, he has always had, a boot in his butt, as a permanent reminder of, what an arrogant @$$....he is.