Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring to Summer

Having returned home from Australia as the season there turned from Summer to Fall, it is a bit of a shock to come back to Winter falling into Spring. I walk along the Fraser every day rain or shine. I enjoy the walk.  When I was walking in Australia, the fall flowers were out, the leaves were just starting to turn from green to golden.  Here the trees are bare, and winter still seems to be holding on. One of the things I learned in Australia that when you watch and observe very closely on a daily basis, change can become magical.

Lately I have started to notice that the scene is starting to shift toward spring. The foliage closest to the ground is slowly starting to turn green, the odd brave flower is poking its head up along the path. Everyday I notice more greenery, today I noticed the fist blooms on a couple of trees. Renewal is starting, little by little, the forest along my walk is starting to come to life. Spring is a time for hope, renewal and new growth. I look forward to the changes that will come along the path I take along the Fraser and to the renewal and hope that Spring brings to all of us.

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