Saturday, May 7, 2011

Passion and Attitude

When you live out your passions there are many things you need to do with your attitude and your life in order to be successful.  You will be a more successful individual with life and your passions when you practice these things.

You can measure success any way that you want to.  Success is not measured by money because anyone can make a lot of money.  The goal is to make a lot of money by living out your passion.  When you are working toward something you are extremely passionate about you will usually be fortunate enough to make some money.  The important thing is that you can look back on your life and know you did everything you wanted to do and you have no regrets.

Be Whole
Your passion needs to make you whole.  You need to focus on not just one thing but every aspect of your passion.  Enjoy the experience in its entirety.  Enjoy the process of ordering the parts and having them delayed for two weeks.  This could mean a wonderful vacation for you while you are waiting rather than a sign you weren’t supposed to get started on your passion.  Don’t look at negative things happening as a sign.  Be whole with everything you do.  Don’t try to be fake or impress someone with someone you are not.

Be Passionate
When you are passionate about something you don’t have to be a display of passion so other people can see you. Your passion comes from inside and if you truly love what you are doing then this will come naturally for you.  You will take pride in your work and if you design clay pots then you won’t send a cracked pot out to a customer because you will be passionate about the quality.  This is because you will own it and your name will be on it.  You will be proud of every thing you do because you are proud of this.

Leadership is another factor that you need to consider because you want to show people how living your dream can be done.  You don’t want to follow in the footsteps of anyone.  You want to be passionate about leading change in your life.  You are making a significant change to live your life how you want to.  Create your vision and lead the way by achieving your goals that you have set out.

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