Thursday, May 12, 2011

Turning Passions and Goals into Reality Part Two

Make the Best of Your Resources
When you are making it happen then you need to make the best of your resources.  You might not have a lot of money and you need to find ways to take care of things like daycare and errands.  You can find friends and other supportive individuals to help you.  If you are short on supplies you might have to talk to friends and people to see where you can get a hold of more supplies. 

 The creativity you have learned in the earlier blogs will play into motion at this time.  You may not have money or resources you need.  You need to be creative about things you can do.  If you are a writer without a computer then you can go to the public library and use a free one.  Find resources that you can use to make your passions successful.

Sacrifice and Hard Work
In most cases when someone works toward a passion they are prepared to work hard and willing to sacrifice just about anything. 

When you first start off with your new job you might find that you are very poor to begin with.  You cannot expect to be a success overnight.  Things will take time but the importance is that you will be doing what you enjoy.  You will be required to work long hours and sacrifice family time and many other things.  Sacrifice is the most important thing you can do if you want to be successful.

There is no substitute for hard work if you want to reach your goals.  Only you can reach the goals you set for yourself and you will need to work very hard to get to where you want to be.  Embrace long hours, sweat and tears because they will be rewarding in the end.

Organize Your Life
Organize your life around your passion.  You have started a new job or passion that you want to be successful in.  Start living the successful day that you have always dreamed of.  For example, wake up early in the morning, brew coffee, read the paper, talk on your blog, and more.  Organize your life to be useful time that is healthy for you.  Plan your time with plenty of exercise and healthy decisions.  Be sure you are getting enough sleep also.  You will have to put in a lot of hours to be successful at first but you cannot lose sleep or you will have problems enjoying your passion.  Working toward a passion means you get to sleep too.  Proper organizing will allow you to be successful and more productive.

Visualize and Meditate
Visualizing is very important if you want to work toward your passion.  Meditation and visualization help you see where you are going with your passion.  You have an idea manifesting and you need to visualize it.  Meditation allows your ideas to manifest inside of you so you will make it happen.  You want to manifest your desires and you will be sure to make them happen.

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