Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final Sleep Tips

41. Make Your Kids Follow a Routine Just as you need to establish a pattern, get your kids into a routine. When they begin the routine, whether it is reading books, cleaning the toys or brushing their teeth, once they hit the end of it, it’s time to go to sleep. When their sleep comes easier, so will yours. When everybody sleeps well at night, you will too.

42. Take Medicine
Remember to take any medications needed before you drift off to dream. Many medicines are three or more times a day. When you split your awake hours up, the last does of medicine should be taken at bedtime. Don’t ever skip your medicine if you are close to drifting off to sleep. The doctor prescribed it for a reason, so make sure to
take it!

43. Wake Up a Partner Who Snores
Don’t be a martyr. If a bed mate snores, roll them over. If that doesn’t help the snoring, wake them up. Eliminate the reasons why they may be snoring so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

44. Take Them to the Doctor
If you have a partner with a serious snoring problem, get them an appointment with the doctor. Loud and constant snoring can be a serious problem that needs medical attention. Many sleep disorders can be easily corrected when they are found. If they are ignored, it could lead to problems that are more serious.

45. Turn Down the Thermostat
A night sweat can interrupt even the best night of sleep. To avoid a late night heat flash, turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees in the winter. If it’s the summer, keep it at a stable temperature that isn’t too hot or too cold. Have different thicknesses of blankets to choose from on the bed so you don’t have to get up and go to the linen closet if you need a different one.

46. Say a Prayer
Whether you are religious or not, and no matter what religion if you
are, send a word of thanks up for your day. If you don’t pray, think of your friends or family for a minute. Let the thoughts relax you so you can fall into a long, peaceful sleep.

47. Plan On A Full Night of Sleep
If you visualize yourself getting a full night of rest, you have a better chance of doing so. Just like an athlete visualizes their actions to make them better, you can improve your sleep. Plan to go to bed as early as possible to get a full night of sleep in, especially if you have a big day planned. Don’t stay awake for no reason when you can be in bed getting adequate rest!


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