Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weight Loss Part 3

When it comes to losing weight, count your calories.  Even the best of us are not accurate counters.  If we write down all the foods we have eaten at the end of the day, studies show we undercount by at least 50 percent. If we keep a food diary we will under count by 40 percent.  We do this by not gauging serving amounts accurately, by forgetting to count health food calories, and not taking into account sauces, and dressings. Remember all calories count.
If you have an ideal weight that you are looking to be, figure out how many calories a day a person that weight should eat and make your calorie intake that amount.  Keep in mind the health risks of losing 3 pounds or more a week.

Use your knowledge of calorie content to help you lose weight e.g., substitute an apple at 125 calories for that Danish at 300 calories. Use skim milk in your coffee or tea or have it black and skip the sugar or honey. 

But if you must cheat here is a healthy way.  If you moderately exercise between an hour and 2 hours a week you can add to the number of calories a day by changing the number that is your ideal weight and add that to the total calories you eat in a day.  For example if your ideal weight is 115 pounds and you exercise two and a half hours a week add 115 calories to your daily intake.  You can keep adding your ideal weight in calories for every extra hour of moderate exercise you do.

As you start losing weight, some of the first fat you lose is the visceral or inner fat that surrounds your organs and can cause many health problems.   Finally remember these basics:
  1. Count your calories.
  2. Use a smaller plate.
  3. Eat less.
  4. Substitute low calorie foods for high calorie food.
  5. Add activities to your day like walking; remembering that moderate exercise will increase your calories burn for 22 hours after the exercise.
  6. Eat low fat dairy.  Adding 10 percent protein to each meal keeps you feeling fuller for longer.
  7. Don’t skim meals because you will subconsciously desire high calorie foods to replace those lost calories.
  8. Use the benefit of soup with protein to help you feel fuller for longer.
Losing weight isn’t easy but by practicing these concepts you should find it worth it.

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  1. I am very happy how my body is shaping up – it looks firmer, my posture is improved, and I feel more in shape. My husband and son both commented that they really see the difference. I am less tired, sleeping better, and more hopeful and focused. My confidence and self-esteem has improved, and I worry less and enjoy life more. Thank you for everything!