Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sleeping Tips ideas Part 2

11. Make Your Room Peaceful
If the budget allows, paint your walls a tranquil color. Pick a color you  like, preferably in soft hues to cover the walls. Loud patterns, colored  stripes or bright wallpaper may interfere with your relaxation at night.  If you walk into a bedroom decorated the way you like, you can exhale  deeply, and fall right into bed. It’s your room and the way you like it.  Sleep sound knowing you picked it out.

12. Don’t Feed a Sweet Tooth
Sugar right before bedtime can mess up your night of sleep in a  variety of ways. 1 – The sugar can hype up your system and make it  hard to fall asleep. 2 – Sugar right before bedtime can cause vivid  dreams and even nightmares. 3 – The sugar, even after brushing your  teeth, can cause tooth decay! So, leave the candy in the jar until  morning, after breakfast. Then you can please your sweet tooth when  you have enough time to burn it off!

13. Drift Off to Dreamland
Our dreams, or the subject of our dreams, can ruin a night of sleep. If you have a problem or an argument right before bedtime, try to work it out before going to bed. You may have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or even experience bad dreams all night long. Write your problems on a sheet of paper so you can worry about them the next day, make up with a partner or solve your problems before hitting the sack. You’ll be glad you did!

14. Use Water
Using water can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Water fountains are popular since the sound of running water is soothing to many people. The fountains can have a little trickle or a louder waterfall sound. They are all self contained and run with a motor and electricity. However, if you are a person that needs to go to the bathroom every time you hear running water, this option won’t be for you.

15. REM Sleep
REM sleep is the deep sleep we fall into for 2-3 hours every night. REM stands for rapid eye movement, as our eyes move rapidly during this period. For children and babies, REM sleep helps their brains to grow and develop. REM sleep is also when most dreams occur. Whether we remember them or not, most people dream every night.
16. Buy a Noisemaker
When the house is completely quiet, some people can’t sleep at all. Insert – noise machine. These little machines plug in and offer a variety of sounds to choose from. Some include a babbling brook, ocean waves, white noise and heartbeats. Heartbeats, you say? Yes. Babies have been shown to sleep with this since it simulates their mother’s heartbeat that they listened to for 9 months.

17. Play CD’s
If you don’t like classic music or even lullabies, play any type of CD during the night. Keep the volume low so as to not bother others in your house. The constant music can help to block out other noises that may be a distraction to you during the night. CD’s are a good option because they can be put to repeat and play all night long without you having to get up and mess with them.

18. Get Comfy Sheets
The best feeling in the world is sliding in to bed with crisp, clean sheets. And all sheets are not created equal. Sheets are categorized by thread count. A higher thread count means softer, comfier, more luxurious sheets. Lower thread counts tend to be cheaper, but can also be picky or develop fuzz balls over time. If your sheets remain soft and smooth, not to mention clean, you will sleep better.

19. Have a Support Mattress
One of the easiest ways to ensure you have a good night’s sleep is to have a good mattress. Go to a real mattress store and try out many different kinds. There are oodles of things to try: firmness, softness, adjustable, pillow top, etc. Don’t be shy in the store and lay on each bed. See what feels the best and buy it! Your good rest needs to start with having the best of the basics.

20. Use Weather Appropriate Pajamas
Now, I know, some people don’t wear pajamas. To those of you, who choose to, make sure they fit the season. Even if the AC is on during the summer, you don’t want to put the long flannels on. If you feel the need to, then maybe you should adjust the thermostat instead. The same goes for wearing a tank top in the dead of winter. Maybe the heat is set to high if you are that hot at night.

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