Friday, June 10, 2011

Stanley Cup fever with an Aussie Twist

We are in the heat of the Stanley Cup playoffs in  Vancouver and our fans are out in full force, hoping for a win after 40 years of trying. Boston is also fighting hard to win again and the two teams are well matched and we are now down to a best two out of three series.

The Vancouver Cancucks have fans from around the world, and we are hosting one such fan at my house. Daniel is from Melbourne and he is friends with my daughter and Adam. He is also a huge Vancouver Cancucks fan and has been for many, many years. So as he watched the team progress to through the finals he vowed that if the team made the Stanley Cup playoffs he would come to Vancouver to be part of history.

He arrived on Tuesday and after a minor mix-up at the airport, he arrived at our place safe and sound and ready to support the team after resting a bit to get over his Jet Lag, he was ready to go into Vancouver and cheer on his team.

So, my son, a bunch of friends and Daniel went off to Vancouver yesterday on Sky Train  to watch the game on the big screen in downtown Vancouver however, being young (in their mid 30"s) they arrived too late too make it into the outside viewing area. They did find a nice pub and enjoyed the game on the big screen TV, although they were not happy with the end results. Today they will be leaving early enough so they can get into the public viewing areas and will be ready to cheer on the Cancucks to a home town victory.

So if you see a young man who looks a little like Pavel Bure wearing a Cancuck Jersey with an Australian Flag on the front, say "g'day and welcome to Vancouver". 

I like the spirit that fans bring to any sport and it is fun to have Daniel with us for the next 10 days and my hope is that he is able to be part of the crowd that will be celebrating the Vancouver Cancucks winning of the Stanley Cup. 

Go Cancucks Go, we have not lost faith.

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