Friday, January 13, 2012

A good site for job hunters

For all the job hunters out there, in Canada United States,  - I wanted to share a site that Lynne found and passed on to us

 If you type in your city, you can then look for a job from the exact location to a range of 100 miles. I did a search for my town, Port Coquitlam and the site showed 76 jobs. I did a search within 10 Kilometers and it showed a total of 168 jobs posted within the last seven days. Each employer can be viewed for details about what it is like to work there, salary, etc. 

There are reviews by employees rating companies (as what it's like to work for them). Just use common sense when reading them, just like any other reviews (for instance, someone posted a review of a MA based restaurant chain in MI - not even close to where the restaurants are located!) I wonder when they will branch out to countries. other than Canada and the US This is a good idea as any job search should require doing background on the company one is applying.

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