Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take charge of your life.

In order to live your second adulthood (or childhood in my case:-) with freedom purpose and passion, stop and take a look at yourself as well as your physical, emotional, and spiritual environment.

This checklist may help serve as a guide to get you started. It is not exhaustive but is meant to be a beginning point.

Do you have a will? Do you have detailed instructions about what arrangements you want when you die?

Do you have a living will and a designated person as medical power of attorney?

Are your important documents such as your driver’s license, passport, will, up to date? Do you have copies of each of these stored in a safe place?

Do you have a secure place to store important documents?
Does at least one other person know where this is and have access to them?

How is your health? When was your last physical and eye examination? What do you need to start doing to either improve your health or maintain good health?

Is your living space cluttered? Ask yourself: is this item really important to me? Do I use it or enjoy it regularly?
Clear out, clean out and make space for the life you are living now.

Is your vehicle in good running order? Do you have emergency road side service, a working spare tire, thermal blanket, bottled water, jumper cables, snow chains, first aide kit?

Do you have adequate health, home, and life insurance?
If you’ve put off taking care of any important aspect of your life—now is the time to take action! Make a plan and get started—one step at a time. Don’t leave the important things to chance. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard stories of people who waited too long to see their doctor, to make an amend, or record their family history.

What are you putting off accomplishing that you know is important and would increase your peace of mind and overall well-being?

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