Friday, February 3, 2012

Focus on what is right in your life.

There has been a lot of negative news lately, Pensions are under attack, in its rush to serve Chinas need for oil, our environment in BC is under threat by our Federal government, the unemployment rate has just gone up, and the amount of new jobs created was under the estimates of the economists.

The governments claim to that they are the best hope Canadians have for economic stability seems to be in question. Phew, too much negativity so with all of the negatives swirling around us at this time, I want to focus on the positives in our life.

We all know of people in our lives that embody the power of focusing on what is right. Let me tell you about Jennifer. Her life was pretty normal, with her share of ups and downs, that is--until a few years ago. Jennifer quit her job, moved to another Province, completed her college education and was just ready to launch a new career when she was diagnosed with MS. Shocked by the news, she took immediate action with determination not to let it stop her. She took the next step, got professional license, and started a new career.

After a couple of years, the MS was compromising her ability to walk, so she opted for surgery, with the hopeful intention that the surgery would allow her to keep walking. Something went wrong and the surgery left her paralyzed from the chest down. As you might imagine, Jennifer got very depressed.
Within the next year something shifted within Jennifer. She decided she was going to have a life worth living regardless of the obstacles. Today, she is a strong presence within the MS community. Her generosity and talents make a difference for others. And her attitude and commitment make a big difference for herself.
Here is a way to start to focus on the positives in your life:

Commit to asking yourself at least twice a day: What’s going right? Write down what is going right and then share it with someone else. Do this for at least 30 days and see what happens.

Ask others what is going right in their life. Notice what happens when you ask others what’s going right for them. You may have a surprisingly different conversation.

Begin now training your thoughts to focus on what is right about your life. Start by answering these questions, and then everyday for the next month focus on one or more of these questions. You may be surprised how your outlook on life changes over the next month.

What are 3 things going right in my work?

What are 3 things going right in my relationships?

What are 3 things going right in my spiritual life?

What 3 things are going right with my financial life?

What 3 things are going right with my health?

What 3 things are going right with my social life?


Remember that Happiness IS an inside job.

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