Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you open to new?

No matter where we are in life or what you have achieved or understood, I believe you should always be open to accepting new in your life. I believe that if  you truly want to be your best you must always be open to embracing the new.

Being open to new does not mean being driven to accept what society, the media, or things outside of yourself says you should do. Being open means that you should always remain receptive to what the still, small voice that dwells within you is sharing with you to take you  to the  next level.

Belief in the guidance from within, may mean that you  listen to your inner voice and to your message. Once you start to listen, it will only a matter of time before you are willing to act on the message.

When you are not receptive to new, life can seem boring and unexciting. Sometimes you can even feel stuck. There may be times when you may not be able pinpoint anything that is really wrong, but you just feel unfulfilled. This is because I believe it is human nature to want to constantly expand from one level of completeness to another. Boomers have always been open to new, that is what makes us a very different and interesting generation.

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