Sunday, March 31, 2013

Women and Retirement stories from around the world

Some of the News stories on Women and Retirement that I have been following

Women expect to retire on £6500 less than men
Banking Times
Women retiring this year in the UK expect their annual retirement incomes to be more than a third (36%) lower than men's, according to new research from Prudential. The insurer's study found thatwomen retiring in 2013 anticipate average incomes of ...
Erbe: Are female retirees much poorer than men?
The latest report, prepared by the nonprofit Transamerica Center for RetirementStudies -- funded by Transamerica Life Insurance Co. and its affiliates -- looks atwomen only. It finds that about a half of female baby boomers have "no retirement...

Even Affluent Women Fear Becoming 'Bag Ladies'
Fifty-seven percent of all women surveyed said they both “have more earning power than ever before” and also “handle major investment decisions and retirementplanning.” More than half (55%) noted they take the lead in suggesting new investing or...
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Retirement gender gap widening
Additionally, the Prudential study shows that the expected retirement income for women has actually fallen by £500 when compared to last year, from £12,250 to £11,750, while for men it has risen by £250 to £18,250. Commenting on the research, head of ...
Social security system treats men, women equally
With women generally having longer life expectancies than men, women who reach old age tend to live more years in retirement than men. There is therefore a greater likelihood of their exhausting their savings during their retirement, making social ...

More women take retirement-plan reins
MarketWatch (blog)
The better news: Inexperience with investing and finances seems to be on the wane among women, removing at least one obstacle to their retirement security. The results of the 2013 Women, Money & Power Study, by financial-services giant Allianz Life, ...
For women, pay gap threatens retirement
A new report contains some bad news for women: After shrinking in the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, the wage gap—or the difference between the median wages of men and women—has stopped narrowing. And in addition to leaving women with median ...
Vicar to retire early in wake of bishops vote
Oxford Mail
A BICESTER vicar who was one of the first women to be ordained has decided to take early retirement after the Church's decision to reject women Bishops. The Rector of St Edburg's Church, Canon Theresa Scott, said she “found it difficult” after the ...

Pension gender gap widens as women receive £6500 less than men
Men can now expect to receive an extra £6,500 in retirement, up from £5,750 in 2012, though it is still lower than in 2010 when the difference was £7,400. This means men can expect to receive a 36 per cent higher income than women in retirement. It ...
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Retirement age may be raised to help battle deficit
The Times of Israel
Building on a plan already put into place before the new government was formed on March 18, the Finance Ministry may seek in the new budget a phased increase inretirement age, from 67 to 70 for men and from 62 to 65 for women, to begin in 2020.

Study: Women of Color Save for Retirement to Avoid Being Burden ...
According to new research recently completed by the State Farm® Center for Women and Financial Services at The American College, roughly six in ten women ...
Economist's View: 'Declining Wealth Brings a Rising Retirement Risk'
By Mark Thoma
The "news isn't good" about the shift from defined-benefit to defined-contribution pension plans: Declining Wealth Brings a Rising Retirement Risk, by Bruce Bartlett, Commentary, NY Times: ...[In] defined-benefit ... pension plans..., workers are ...
Economist's View
Women's retirement income expectation at a five year low
Women retiring this year have the lowest annual retirement expectation since records began in 2008, at £6500 a year less than their male counterparts, a report by Prudential has warned.
Pensions Age

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