Sunday, April 14, 2013

Job Creation in Canada the Real numbers

From Idle no more  posted on Facebook April 11

BREAKING : Evan Solomon just 'OUTED' Harper's LIES on job creation record and his temporary foreign workers program on on CBC's Power and Politics .. April 11th 2013 

"Using StatsCan's numbers Evan showed that only 347,000 of the 900,000 jobs created were actually 'new jobs' created by employers, the balance were individuals who became self employed.

Worse 29%, over 100,000 of those 'new jobs' went to people brought in using foreign worker visas. 

When you include the number of Canadians that have CEASED actively looking for work of @ 400,000; Canada has actually lost jobs since 2007.

This exposes the LIE ; by the Crime Minister that is even larger than his lie that Canadian Banks never received a 'bail-out' and were in good financial positions.

This is a SCANDAL and explains why youth unemployment has stalled at 15% since Harper has taken office.

Harper has not created employment in Canada but actually has destroyed it to favour corporations and forced down wage levels in Canada by using Foreigners! 

It’s out of control,” said the former executive.“This is really sad because these jobs will never come back,” said another Canadian IT contractor who has worked at banks for several years. 

“Canadian employers are getting drunk on this."

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