Monday, April 15, 2013

Knee Surgery day

Today with any luck (meaning I will not get bumped) I will have surgery to replace my knee. I am scheduled this morning at 7:30 at the University of Brutish Columbia hospitals and I am nervous but I am looking forward to getting the operation done. So far everything has gone the way it should and I look forward to being able to get back into my old routines and doing things without the chronic knee pain. My hope is that the surgery time is not too early in the morning as UBC hospital is about a 90 minute drive from my place.

I have not had any other major surgery (touch wood) so my hope is that I will be a good patient and do not cause any trouble for the health care professionals that I trust to do the job.

My understanding is that I will have to do what the specialist tell me to do and that the recovery period can be as short as three months and as long as six months. I am hoping for the former so that I can enjoy the beautiful summer we have on the west coast. My brother tells me that one of the benefits of being in recovery is that I will have the ability to rest, read and relax. As a workaholic I hope that I can do this with grace.

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