Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I was thinking about changes as I wrestled with a problem a while back and realized that I had to make a decision between two types of change offered to me. The first was an incremental change that would cause a small shift in process and procedures, but would not cause any radical shift to occur. The change although small would however, take the group I was making the decision for in a different direction but this would be done over time. Slow change is comfortable, easy to get used to and not a shock to the mind or body and easy to handle especially in these unsettled times. The other change was a more dramatic shift, dealing with unknowns and would cause the group to change more quickly. This type of change is unsettling, can be dramatic and is unsettling. 

Change isn't easy; we inherently dislike change as we typically fear the unknown. So, that tends to make change difficult. When we do make a hard won change, it’s something we can be proud of. Here’s a few suggestions as to how to face any changes you want to make in your life:
  • Remember that you are in control of your changes. Even if change is forced on you by external circumstances (like the loss of your job) you are still in control of your own actions. 
  • Understand that change can be very rewarding, so look at it as an opportunity.
  • Envision the successful outcome of your change. When you have a clear picture of where you want to be, it will help you figure out how to get there.
  • Implement your change in smaller, manageable “bite-size” pieces. This will keep you from getting discouraged, and will help you gain confidence that you are progressing towards your goal.
  • Take a holistic approach as opposed on taking on one aspect of your life at a time.
    • Clean and order your living and work areas. One of the most stressful and disruptive things you can deal with is a messy and chaotic home or office.
    • Do mundane tasks first. Need to take out the trash, or do some laundry? Do those things as quickly as you can. 
    • Schedule a daily routine and stick to it. 
    • Eat well. 
    • Exercise. Exercise, as part of your daily routine, can really help take your mind off things. 
    • Make sure you’re sleeping well. When dealing with change you’re body and mind will need time rest.
    • Maintain your sense of humour and use laughter. Talking about things and taking time to have a little fun can make a world of difference. 
    • Ask for help when (not if) you need it. 
    • Think positively. A positive way of thinking can make a really big difference.
The decision to change is not easy and in the situation I was I spend a great deal of time weighing pros and cons, examining possible consequences, and went through some not sleepless but restless nights. I finally made the same decision I would have made in my youth, and who knows where the path will lead.  I am comfortable in the decision and comfortable with the change that will happen. Success is making wise decisions and part of doing that is relying on good information, time and I still think going with your first instincts.  Change is never easy, but it can be rewarding.

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