Thursday, May 23, 2013

Understanding Baby Boomers Aging Minds

As the Baby Boomer Generation grows older there are progressive changes in how we process information.

With the Baby Boomer market at 76 million people and representing 34% of the market, Baby Boomers are a serious target population for lots and lots of products and services. However, the key to our pocketbook is in a better understanding of our minds.

Baby Boomers first impressions are emotionally based rather that fact and benefit based as younger generations are. We are more resistant to absolute propositions with less reliance on reason and more on intuition to determine what is of interest to us. We effectively respond to images that promote strong positive emotional responses.

As Baby Boomers grow older our perceptions are more holistic are respond better to nonverbal symbol. We are becoming more receptive to narrative-styled presentations of information and less responsive to information presented in expository style. After a matter qualifies for our interest and further attention, Baby Boomers tend to want more information than do younger consumers.

Gerontologists tell us that as Baby Boomers age, we develop:
• A superior perception of reality
• Less interest in material things
• More interest in having experiences
• Increased acceptance of self
• Increased wisdom
• Higher capacity for humor
• Increased spontaneity
• Increased appreciation for friendships
• Increased desire to do for others
• Increased sense of fair play and fairness
• Increased creativity
• Changes in our value system

Therefore, any business that wants to win Baby Boomers as customers has to constantly create new and different ways to enable us to realize value. Source for this article is the Baby Boomer Magazine

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