Monday, June 3, 2013

Do you have the optimism of your youth?

I love the optimism of youth. The other day I was at home alone, talking on the phone to my sister-in-law and the doorbell rang. I looked out and saw three people and since I was busy on the phone waved them away. Ten minutes later, they were back. It  was a young mother and her son and daughter. They were selling stuff to raise money for the local boy scout and cubs.

The young man must have been about 10 years old and he made the pitch, and his sister who was about 8 was beside him with mom in the background.  I looked at the brochure and realized that I did not have enough cash on hand to buy anything and I had just ran out of checks. So I said to the young man, "I am sorry I cannot buy anything at this time." His sister looked at me and said, "Well, we can come back later!"

Her mom looked embarrassed and shocked and said, "No that is all right, we need to go now." gathered up the kids and left before I had a chance to respond. The little girl was right to say that and if the mom had not been so embarrassed I would have told them to come back the next day. I was a cub scout leader for three years and understand and support their need for extra funds.

I loved the little girls optimism, if I could not buy now I would buy later and she was right. We sometimes need to tap into optimism of youth that we used to have to make it through some of life's challenges. I am glad the young lady reminded me of that fact.

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