Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The "Get More Done" Habit

There is a very simple formula to help you prevent work overload and be more productive every day of your life.

Every time you are faced with a new task to perform, (an email request, new project at work,phone calls, etc.) apply the 4 D's as listed below.
You will find that your workload will be reduced and your productivity will go up as you apply this screening and decision making tool to each task. Decide on the most appropriate choice - and take action.

#1 Do It Now - take immediate action, do the task right away, don't procrastinate.

#2 Dump It Now - make a quick decision and dump the task.

#3 Delegate It - give the task to someone else. This is a very critical aspect of time management. Your time is valuable; make it a habit to work on tasks that you do best and delegate the tasks that can be performed by someone else.

#4 Defer the Task - make an immediate decision to postpone the task to a later time. Make sure to schedule a time to complete it.

The above is by  Dan Robey

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