Monday, July 22, 2013

Overcome some hurdles

 When we make are faced with a new task or a we feel we have to start something new we sometimes come to a realization that we have not started yet for a number of reasons

1 No Time. Strategies: Take a Facebook hiatus, watch less TV, get up earlier, stay up later, write a list of reasons why you have not started, or how many hours you have wasted thinking about the fact you have no time.

Hurdle # 2 No focus  Strategies: start by listing the turning points in your life and share your takeaways and use the takeaways to develop your focus. What we learn can help us focus.

Hurdle # 3 Unorganized  Strategies: Trust yourself. Shove all the doubts aside, start to organize but start with small steps. Make a list of everything you want to do and you will be intimidated, make a list of two or three things and check them off once they are done. Seeing the list checked will give you the confidence to become more organized.

Hurdle # 4 Lost interest  Strategies: Revisit your "big why." Simplify. Tell more people what you are doing.  Create your vision of what life will be like once the task is completed and make a public "done date."

Here's the thing: Your mind will come up with as many hurdles as you allow it to. It's how you approach each of them that will determine if you're victorious in the end.

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