Thursday, November 28, 2013

Posts about women and retirement written by sarahn.

Sara is a 20-something professional engineer who lives  in Sydney, Australia (which, from my travels, appears to be pretty darn expensive, but that’s largely due to high wages). Her blog is livetolist and is an interesting read, she wrote about retirement from a young woman's perspective and I thought it was interesting. The entire post is here but here is the opening paragraph.
 I recently read an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald, about women and superannuation – our state mandated retirement policy. The law states that employers must contribute 9% of their employee’s salary into a superannuation fund, which cannot be touched until retirement. (Simply speaking of course – there are loopholes in every part of that previous sentence, but I’m trying to keep it simple!). With July 2013 clicking over, Australian’s will now get 9.25%, increasing slowly to 12% in 2019.
It’s a great system – but it’s not working in reality. And it’s not working the most for women.  Read the rest of her thoughts here: 

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