Monday, December 30, 2013

How are things where you are this year?

According to CP Press more people are  leaving BC. Another sign of the current government’s failure to understand what is going on in BC.

Anyone doubting B.C.'s urgent need to focus on job creation should consider some newly released data on population migration into and out of B.C. Statistics Canada numbers show B.C. lost 4,600 residents on a net basis to other provinces between 2011 and 2012, the largest number to move away since 2001-02. Had it not been for an influx of 39,000 international migrants last year, the province would have lost population. Most interprovincial migrants moved to Alberta, where jobs are more plentiful and earnings higher. It's a safe bet they did not move east for the weather.

A federal Labor Market Bulletin last July helps explain the situation: "Job creation stalled in B.C. over the past year; employment has been trending downward since mid-2012." Hence, "Fewer people are choosing to move to B.C."

Just-released Finance Ministry numbers - part of a November quarterly report - show a job contraction of 0.1 per cent over the same period last year, for a net loss of 2,600 jobs.

There is an old saying you get the kind of government you deserve, and for the people of BC this means because we were too afraid, too nervous, too trusting, we have a government that will continue to lead BC into economic turmoil. The turmoil will not be for the rich, or the corporations who line the pockets of the government, but there will be turmoil for the working class and the middle class. Promises of LNG prosperity are fake and are for the naive Hard working people can expect higher user fees for parks, medical services, Hydro and increases in tolls, and taxes. When the next election is called there will be money left to buy votes and since the government controls the media in BC, the Liberals will be elected again, not because they deserve to be, but because big money wins. The NDP has yet to face the reality of their poor performance in the last election and blames everyone but the leader and the party insiders for the defeat. Until they face up to their failure BC will stay Liberal. Happy New Year, only 3 more years of government cutbacks and lies.

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