Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas or Birthday

I was born close to Xmas, so when I was growing up my parents had to make a choice do they give me a Xmas present or a birthday present. We were not rich, or even middle class by today's standards. We were working class poor and when I was a young child, since my birthday is close to Christmas, I either received a birthday gift or a Christmas gift but not both and some Xmas seasons, my brothers and I received nothing. When I was older my father had worked hard, finished his grade 12, and completed his trade ticket so we had more money, and I was finally able to receive both a Christmas and a birthday gift.

I never felt upset with this nor did I think about it much. We did not have a lot when I was young, but what we had was enough. BC has one of the highest poverty rates for children in Canada, because of a lot of reasons, and many people (rightfully so) are advocating and campaigning the government to help children and their families out of poverty. 

I agree with the idea of a living wage and other incentives to keep or lift families out of poverty. What I do not agree with is the sentiment expressed by some that children in poor homes are in danger. Yes, some parents, who do not have good coping or parenting skills may cause a child harm, but these parents can come from any class of society. Working poor parents and parents on welfare, do what they can to help their children to have an emotionally good life. If a child is loved, cared for, and treated with respect and kindness they will bloom and will have the ability to gain the confidence they need in later life to do something positive.  

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