Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Never Too Late

I first retired in January 2006,went back to work in Feb 2006,quit work in January 2010, went back to work in September 2010 and finally quit in November 2012. Retirement is a time of transition,  and one that also you to start looking at other goals, and dreams that you have neglected over the years. But for many they are or think they are trapped in on a path that they cannot leave. Just remember that it is never too late to start over, no matter what age you are.

Sadly, the following story is all too common: Bill spent years training to be an engineer, although he never really liked engineering. But he thought it was worth the sacrifice because it was a highly paid skill.

After college, he started a job with an engineering company. Years later he was still working at the same company and still hating it. His excuse was with a mortgage and family ties he was scared to leave the engineering firm and go into a job with lower wages.

After twenty years he was still afraid to correct a mistake made all those years ago. He was now too scared to change jobs, simply because he'd left it too late. He didn't want to compete with younger men experienced at their job.

If you have a goal and you find yourself saying 'it's too late', the only way to conquer that fear is to ignore it and go ahead and do the thing you fear. It's NEVER too late if you have the courage and the passion to follow your dream.

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