Saturday, December 28, 2013

Being happy in holiday times

During the holiday season, many feel depressed, so  here's what you can do to help you feel better now and at any time of the year

Do little acts of kindness for example: make a donation to the needy, helping someone, elderly on the road. This not only reveals the joy of sharing but also helps you appreciate what you have. You could also visit someone sick in the hospital.

Treat other people with as much love and respect as you would like them to respect you, and you will soon feel the warmth of reciprocation. Be courteous to people whether it is in the shopping malls or in the buses.

It is always a good idea to let out your thoughts and ideas and this also helps in discovering your own way of self-expression, the thoughts and ideas can be in a form of poetry, talking to friends or keeping a diary.

Learn to let go of painful experiences, easier said then don, but to start you can  treat  every experience as a lesson to be learned, therefore learn it but don't dwell on the hurt, remember people fall and rise again and there always will be someone who has gone through worse.

Forgive yourself of past mistakes because mistakes are a part of life and we are all human.

Post positive messages where you can see them every day, read them aloud each time you see them so you begin to feel they are true. These messages could be posted on your dressing mirror, you workstation in the office, your refrigerator, the messages should remind you how awesome you are.

Rediscover your passion by taking some time to reflect and to dream- Deep down in your heart, what do you to do? Write down your goals and figure out what you can do to get there.

Embrace the real you--Do not be afraid to show your true self.

Trust your instincts- many times your inner voice won't lead you astray. Do what you feel is right for you rather than doing what others think you should do.

Appreciate your achievements- You only need to think hard and you discover you have achievements you have never appreciated, celebrate that you managed to finish school, got a good job, look a mortgage to buy a house, brought up children right despite the challenges.

Do things you enjoy- Take time for yourself and simply indulge, feed your inner child.

Listen to some feel- good music- If you're having a bad day put on some music. Good music touches the very core of your being.

Visualize- This means using your imagination consciously to visualize something that you want in your life. The difference between imagination and visualize is that in visualization you feel it in your heart, that what you picture in your mind is actually possible. Then you take action.

After all is said and done- You can think yourself happy or you can think yourself miserable, it is entirely up to you and during the holiday season, I think it is better to think of yourself as happy, don't you?

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