Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Warfare Erupting in the Workplace

Resentment factors as over 65's continue clocking in while youngsters struggle to find a role!  Is this the reality of the workforce. I believe that it is not although our politicians and others would have you believe that younger workers are angry at the oldtimers for not leaving soon enough. I have never felt that when I was working, have you?

I think that management should encourage the workplace to be a place of inter-generational harmony with the experience of older skilled/experienced employees balancing youthful enthusiasm and innovation as it used to be.  Colin Thompson in a blog posted stated that: "In the UK, people aged over 50 now account for 35% of the total population and rising rapidly, 60% of consumer expenditure and 80% of the wealth. With the population continues to age, there are more of us every year." source:

Do younger people think older members of staff need to retire to give them a better chance of career progression? 

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