Friday, January 17, 2014 is an independent advocacy organization that brings generations of Canadians together to achieve progress through democracy. I support their ideals and some of their approaches, Take a look at this initiative and if you can help do so now.

We're working together to build a stronger democracy that protects our environment, creates economic opportunity while increasing equality, and guarantees that everyone receives the care they need.

We have a bold plan to make this election a turning point. Right now we need your help to raise $50,000 for powerful new technology, provocative ads and local organizers in key ridings so we can surge out of the gates in September.

Please click here to donate whatever you can - whether it’s $5, $20, $50 or more. It’s your choice, but if we all decide to give what we can, it will really add up fast.

We’re crunching the numbers. Despite scandal after scandal, the Conservative Party’s massive fundraising machine just raised more money than the NDP and Liberals combined).[3] And, with our broken electoral system and divided opposition parties, the Conservatives could still hold onto power with barely 30% support from voters.

We need to bring in some fresh energy to change things in 2015. We’re preparing a bold plan based on your feedback and key lessons from our experience and Obama’s successful election campaigns. Together we’ll rally Canadians, including many young people who did not vote last election, to get out and vote for the candidate who has the best chance of working together in Parliament for progress on the major challenges facing our society.[4]

From environmental destruction to massive growing inequality, the Leadnow community agrees that our country is heading in the wrong direction. The next election CAN be a turning point, but only if we start working together now. Here’s the plan:

1. Find people who didn’t vote last time: To design the best election campaign, we need to reach out in campuses and communities across the country to listen to Canadians, especially people who did not vote in the last election. 

2. Create a program for action: We’ll ask people who didn’t vote in the last election about their concerns and see how their answers connect with the Leadnow community’s big picture goals on democracy, climate and inequality. Together we’ll create a program for action that will motivate people across the country. 

3. Organize in ridings across the country: We’ll work together to get out and build support in communities across the country. We’ll focus efforts in places where a hundred, or a few thousand, votes will make the biggest difference. We’re doing detailed analysis now so we can spend money wisely.

4. Grow opposition to contain the damage: We’ve already stopped or delayed this government time and again. We’ll keep running campaigns to hold this government accountable on the issues that matter most to this community.[5] Together, we’ll create a list of the worst damage done by this government and build a powerful campaign to get the NDP, Liberals and Greens to commit to undo that damage after the election.[6]

5. Build support for crucial reforms: As we reach out to more and more Canadians and focus organizing in key ridings, we'll make sure the political parties respond to our community’s program for action on democracy, climate and inequality with strengthened commitments in their campaign platforms.

6. Cooperate, endorse or support before the next election: Before the next election, we’ll either secure a cooperation agreement between the NDP, Liberals and Greens, or if the parties do not cooperate then we’ll find a community-driven strategy to focus support behind the key candidates in strategic ridings. We’ll work together to find the best solution.[7]

7. Get out the vote during the election: During the next election we’ll focus our efforts on mobilizing in key ridings to inspire hundreds of thousands to vote for the candidate who has the best chance of representing their values in Parliament. 

8. Undo the worst damage: After the election, we’ll work with the new government to undo some of the worst damage that’s been done in the last few years. 

9. Pass crucial reforms: Now the real work begins! We’ll work together to ensure the new government passes crucial reforms to fix our broken electoral system, make Canada a climate leader and build a fair economy that reduces inequality. 

Okay, so that’s hugely ambitious, but there’s 300,000 of us in this community and we can accomplish so much if we work together. 

We can do it, but we need to get started now. If 2,500 people donate $20 we’ll reach our $50,000 kickstart goal to launch this campaign. 

In fact, just 150 people giving $20 a month will let us hire another organizer, and just one to three organizers can mobilize enough volunteers to to win a close riding. 

If we all chip in what we can, whether it’s $5, $20, $50 or more, we can build an effective organizing machine to reboot our democracy. 

Please click here to donate today: 

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