Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Same old, same old?

“The truth is that Fate does not go out of its way to be dramatic. If you or I had the power of life and death in our hands, we should no doubt arrange some remarkably bright and telling effects. A man who spilt the salt callously would be drowned next week in the Dead Sea, and a couple who married in May would expire simultaneously in the May following. But Fate cannot worry to think out all the clever things that we should think out. It goes about its business solidly and unromantically, and by the ordinary laws of chance it achieves every now and then something startling and romantic. Superstition thrives on the fact that only the accidental dramas are reported.”
― A.A. MilneNot That It Matters

Ever had the experience where you bump into someone you haven't seen for a while and that person asks you, "What's new?"

You answer, "Same old, same old."

But this time, it really registers. You have been doing the same old thing day after day, month after month, for far too long.

The same work, in the same way, in the same place. Has fate played you a cruel joke or have you not been aware that you control your own destiny?

What if you could run away? Even better, what if you could go anywhere in the world 
run your live from there, making good money while having the experience of a lifetime? 

Well you can you know! 

You only need to act.

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