Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bold Tips For a Bold and Fearless Life

The following article was posted on the Evolution Ezine and written by Tess Marshall, she has some good ideas on how to relieve stress.

Fear can be paralyzing. It doesn't have to be. You can learn how to retrain your mind and change your thoughts and emotions in very little time. It takes willingness and practice.

You can learn to live a bold life by choosing to let go of fear when you feel tortured by your own thoughts. When you can’t sleep at night, when you are obsessed with failing or not feeling good enough, decide to take action. Sometimes it will take less than five minutes to make a shift. Other times it may take an hour or two.
1. Notice the beauty that surrounds you.
2. Treasure the day.
3. Love yourself through your anxiety.
4. Take a walk.
5. Let things be exactly as they are.
6. Listen to your favorite tunes.
7. Slow down.
8. Sit still.
9. Relax your grip.
10. Act on your dreams anyway.
11. Learn to hold your own hand.
12. Remember you are loved.
13. Listen to your intuition.
14. Free your mind from the past
15. Establish an attitude of delight.
16. Plan a wild and crazy future.
17. Expect good things to happen.
18. Surrender what doesn’t work.
19. Reach out and hug someone.
20. Invest time in laughter and play.
21. Speak to yourself with words of encouragement.
22. Take a break from judging others.
23. Let go of grievances.
24. Begin with a clean slate.
25. Change your thoughts.
26. Heal your mind.
27. Shift your perception.
28. Create positive lasting change.
29. Learn to live in a vibration of joy.
30. Keep your commitments. Write them down.
31. Find one small thing to savor.
32. Make your words matter.
33. Soften and open your heart.
34. List your successes in life.
35. Choose emotions of enjoyment, comfort, and success.
36. Believe the best about yourself.
37. Believe the world is going to send amazing things your way.
38. Determine what your purpose is.
39. Decide that right now is the greatest moment of your life.
40. Fearlessly speak your truth.
41. Take determined action.
42. Develop a profound sense of contentment.
43. Ask for loving assistance.
44. Say prayers of thanksgiving.
45. Believe that you will succeed.
46. Know that there is an unlimited amount of love and good in the universe.
47. Remember one event doesn’t determine success.
48. Be gentle with yourself.
49. Focus on what goes right and repeat it again and again.
50. Remember you deserve to be happy and prosperous.
51. Keep putting one foot in front of another.
52. Make your life an awesome adventure.
53. Bring enthusiasm to your efforts.
54. Live with intention.
55. Create a good habit.
56. Dare to go against the crowd.
57. Look at the big picture of your life.
58. Laugh at your fear.
59. Make up your mind to change.
60. Confide in someone close to you.
61. Tell your fear who’s boss.
62. Recall happier times.
63. Live one happy day at a time.
64. Choose a peaceful point of view.
65. Live with a consciousness of love.
66. Choose unconflicted energy.
67. Cherish the relationships you have.
68. Know that most things aren’t as serious as you make them out to be.
69. Know that you can manage even when difficult things happen.
70. Believe you have the talents and resources you need to succeed.
71. Remind yourself of your positive options.
72. Support, encourage, and believe in yourself.
73. Remind yourself that the world is full of endless opportunities.
74. Remind yourself that you are a strong and wise person.
75. Remember a small shift in perception can change your day.

Refer back to this list when you’re scared. Remember there is always another option when you are feeling, afraid, doubtful, or worried. You don’t have to live this way. Make your journey one of growth, love and adventure. Begin today. 

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