Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Do You Define Success in Your Life?

Often, in our society, we define success in terms of material positions and monetary wealth. We often think about success in terms of whether or not someone is rich in terms of net worth. However, is being rich in money and things actually success? It doesn't have to be. Some ways that others use to measure success are:

By Asking yourself: 
Do you feel happy -- not just at work, not just at home, not just in those fleeting moments when you do something just for yourself, but overall
Are you relatively healthy? Do you take care of yourself? If you have your health, a good quality
of life is more likely. Money 
doesn't help you much if you are too sick to do anything with it.

Is your family in good health, and offering you the chance for good social interactions, money isn't as important.
Do you you have a winning personality and good friends to rely on, that often means that you have good success in your life. You can’t replace those social interactions with money.

Think about your situation and your life. In many cases, a good life isn't dependent on building up vast stores of wealth. Instead, true success is more likely in good health, good friends and family, and a feeling of peace and contentment with the choices you've made.
In many cases, financial success is defined more as freedom. If you are able to cover your needs without going into debt, and if you have the ability to enjoy some of your wants — even if you have to plan ahead and save up to do so — that is often considered financial success.
If you are, you're successful. The happier you are the more successful you are. If you aren't happy it's time to rethink how you define success, and start making changes to your professional and personal life that align with that definition, because what you're doing now isn't working for you.

And life is way too short for that.

Success is a combination of happiness and self-satisfaction which comes after hard work for something and you did numerous thing to get it and after applying all the effort, dedication, hard work

When one gets his or her dream, goal or aim that is called success

Success is an end result as well as a journey and the definition falls upon your own personal mantra and values. You may value and measure success as seeing a goal and achieving it or perhaps smashing it out of the water. You may see success as a process of enlightenment and your way through life. Success can be small or big and depending on your competitive nature you make see a success in a small win or maybe that is just a small step to what you consider success.

Success is working constantly towards your dream.

Success is the feeling that arises within us when a task or work done, is being accepted by others and they are satisfied with our performance.

Success can be attained only by a person who has a peaceful mind.

True success is based on our personal set of beliefs, our values, and the choices we make throughout our lives. As our values and ideas shift, our definitions of success will change, as well.

Thoughts to help you clarify success

1. Clarify what success means to you.
Go ahead—be brave, bold, and most importantly be honest with yourself. Only you define what is and isn’t possible—not someone else. If everyone had to share how they define success, what would you say?
2. Pursue goals that are both important and priorities in your life.
In his book, Open, one of the world’s greatest tennis players, Andre Agassi, talks about the first time he earned the No. 1 ranking in the world. He said that he felt empty and unfulfilled. It wasn’t until Agassi won the French Open and put his tennis earnings toward building charter schools for underprivileged children and helping others that he felt a deeper sense of fulfillment (and he met his wife Stefanie Graf).
The takeaway is that being No. 1 may equate to external success but it does not necessarily equate to fulfillment. Do your goals add meaning to your life?
3. Believe that you can achieve success (or top 1% moments) from any starting place in life.
It’s never too late to make a positive decision and turn your ideas into action.
In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” What would you love to achieve in your life?

When you are ready to accept nothing less than walking on your true path to success, you will have a renewed sense of empowerment, and you will start to see new opportunities.

TOP 1% BOTTOM LINE: Success is not defined by what society or others think is right for you but by what makes you feel whole and adds meaning to your life. It’s never a comparison. Only you know what makes you smile and leaves you with a greater sense of fulfillment

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