Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things that make people look old

I just came across this list of things that make people look old so if I can just remember not to do these things I guess I'll be young forever:
CathifromCanada posted this and I thought it was fun
  1. Fumbling with payment at the register, especially counting out coins. Coins go into an overflowing jar on the bureau, and I don't want to hear any more about it.
  2. Complaining about portion sizes.
  3. Complaining about how prices have gone up, in a manner that implies I don't understand how inflation/money works.. . .
  4. Voting against school/education taxes. . . .
  5. Asking people to guess my age, and then gloating when the guesser tactfully subtracts ten years.
  6. Complaining that current popular music isn't even music, or that songs/books/movies USED to be good/quality/art, but NOW are NOT. . . .
  7. Explaining to frazzled, exhausted, verge-of-emotional-breakdown women with small children that this is the best time of their lives. . . .
  8. Suggesting that things are getting worse and worse with every generation---starting with the one immediately following mine.
  9. Complaining about how "weird" baby names are now; why don't people use NORMAL names like the names WE used for OUR babies?
  10. What about complaining about products that aren't made anymore?
  11. Asking the question, Why is denim so thin now? Then giving your own answer "Back when I was a kid, jeans lasted forever"
  12. Complaining about how things just aren't made the way they used to be? "Back in my day, refrigerators were made to last 20 years!"
  13. Not going out in the rain, even to the mall. I was astonished one time to hear one of my older colleagues say that she was waiting for a nice day to go to the new mall.
  14. Wearing sweaters in warm weather
  15. Keeping original packaging, just in case
  16. Complaining that there is not enough light
  17. Scoffing at things like registers that display the correct collection of coins to the cashier because clearly the young people cannot even make change! (O it's so, so, so hard for me not to roll my eyes.) 
  18. Still try to use the phone book

I have to admit I've already done a few of these things.

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