Monday, May 26, 2014

Seashells: Artifacts of the Ocean

My  last post on artifacts for a while, I recently took a vacation to the beach in Maui. I love the smell of the ocean breeze and the way the sun beats down on me as the  motion of the waves calms my every worry in the world. I could literally spend years on the beach and never regret a moment of it.

I had a thought when I was walking on the beach looking for seashells.  The ocean is a vast body of secrets that has a story underneath that no one really knows about. So, in essence, each sea shell tells a different, but small, portion of the ocean’s story. They are truly artifacts of the ocean that show what the ocean has been, is now and will be in the future.

Pretty deep if you think about it. Just like each person has a different story and a different set of artifacts that they take with them from day to day, so do the seashells at the beach. Each has experienced it’s own part of the story of the vast ocean and has lived to tell about it. Making it on to the beach is its way of trying to get the story out to the world.

There are millions of seashells in the ocean that come from a wide variety of creatures. They all look different and each has their own personalities that comes across in the divots and impressions in the shells.

I kept thinking about this as I made my way down the beach. Each shell has a different shape, color and texture and each was beautiful in its own way. 

We have our own stories so in essence, we are like the seashells in the ocean of life. We each carry our own personal artifacts with us that are a representation of what we have experienced in our lives and we really cannot share our true experiences with anyone other than ourselves. Other people will see the artifacts on our skin and the laugh lines on our face, but they will never truly know our story, just like we will never know the story of the ocean or the seashells.

The point was not to be too philosophical, but to realize that people are all unique and we are special in all of our own ways. People do not take the time to realize that any more and when they don’t realize it, they lose a bit of their identity each time they forget about it. 

So remember you are an artifact of the world and you tell your own unique story in the world, just like seashells tell the story of the ocean, piece by piece. People don’t feel like they are important enough and thinking about this idealistic notion will make you feel better about your place in the world and realize that we are all important in our own way.

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