Thursday, May 8, 2014

Small change can lead to big results

We know that small changes can add up to big results? You could call it “making healthy substitutions” or “do this instead of that.”  Here are some ideas on how to make some small changes

On busy days, divide exercise routines into small segments spread throughout the day. It will keep you from feeling squeezed for time. And it will break up the amount of time spent sitting at your desk. 

Exchange 30 minutes of seated sofa time with standing stretches while watching your favorite TV show. 

Another option:  do crunches on an exercise ball when the show is on. 

Turn it up a notch—walk at an increased speed to burn more calories. Buy a pedometer and compete with the husband or office coworkers on who takes the most steps per day. 

Sneak in exercise by participating in a favorite sport or activity like swimming, hula hooping, dancing or tennis. 

Fun trumps an obligatory exercise routine any day of the week. 

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