Thursday, May 8, 2014

Breaking Habits

If there is one thing that is critical when it comes to getting results in personal growth, it is about breaking patterns.

Most people are beating a dead horse or building castles on a foundation made of sand when they do not recognize self defeating patterns.

For example:

- People getting into bad relationships because they feel lonely and desperate

- People wanting to make more money but doesn't seem to get anywhere 

- People fearful of being assertive because they feel that there's a better alternative 

- People unable to take the next step forward because they find reasons why it will not work

- Even the fear of success is an issue 

What about you? Do you have a self-defeating pattern that you need to break?

If you want to break a pattern, it takes a minimum of 21 days for a good (new) habit to form.

To overcome and break your self defeating habits remember self-image is a conceptual, visual, display of self-esteem. Take stock of those images with which you display yourself: clothes, autos, home, garage, closet, dresser drawers, desks, photos, gardens, and cars. Make it a priority to get rid of the clutter and sharpen the expressions of your life. 

Write a two-page resume of your professional and personal assets. Write it as if you were going to apply for the job of your life. Read this autobiography twice a day. Instead of writing a past resume, write it in the future tense. List your maximum current potential and future potential. Listen to inspirational tapes. Listening sparks the imagination.

In 21 days by using self-instruction cards and visualization, you can take steps to start changing your life. Here is how it works. Write down your goals on index cards. Make them simple, one goal per card. Write them in the first person present tense. Read these cards twice a day for 21 days. Practice visualization as you read the card. 

A Sample Self instruction:
Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful, if anybody cannot handle my success, tough. I will find new friends that can. I love success, 
I work hard for what I get, so I deserve it all

I guarantee that one of two events will happen. 
1. You will move closer to changing your self defeating habits within 21 days or 
2. You will stop reading the card. 

By following the above steps you will make your movie of your mind come alive for you. You will be that much closer to reaching your goals.

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