Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gratitude journal writing is important

 Have you started keeping a gratitude journal. The effect of reflecting on a daily / weekly basis is simply awesome! You have to first write it, to experience it:) 

A few entries 
My grandson is a charmer, his existence in this family has strengthen our family ties closer than before. He reminded me what family warmth is all about. 

I am thankful for a dear friend who gave a surprise visit. For a friend who is willing to go the extra mile to put a smile on me without asking anything in return, it makes me ponder.. Is not just about me all the time.. If pleasant surprises are like adding colors to life, making it memorable and beautiful, am I doing enough to put a smile on others around me as well? 

Points in writing your gratitude journal...

-List down in point form and describe in details how you are grateful and how it affects your life. It can be about yourself, people, surroundings, feelings, experiences and even the things around you. 

-Avoid repeating the same things you are thankful for. This will make writing a challenge and that is how we learn to be more aware of the things we can be thankful for, perhaps on little stuff we never take notice of before.

Instead of comparing with others of what you don't, start appreciating what you got...

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