Friday, September 12, 2014

Can you identify one person who changed your life?

The following is taken from an email received from Dan Robey 

You have something in common with every single person on this planet in that it only takes one person to change your life.

If you make it a habit to remember that everyone is  just trying to be happy and prosperous in life, just trying to make it through another day, perhaps you will look at people in a different way.
When you start looking at people through this lens, there will be a huge paradigm shift in your thought patterns.

You will have compassion where none existed before. You will forgive those you thought you could never forgive.  You will create friendships where a friendship was never possible before. You will love where you have never loved before.

Here is a simple test. I want you to look back on your life right now.
  • Can you identify one person who changed your life?
    • Maybe it was a friend who introduced you to your spouse.
    • Maybe it was a person who gave you advice and encouragement when you needed it most.
    • Maybe is was a stranger who told you about a company that was hiring, you applied with that company, and got a job that changed your life
Let me ask you another question.
  • What if that "ONE" person that was about to provide you with life changing information, was having a terrible day on that one fateful day that you met him or her?
    • Would you have detected the stress in their voice as they talked?
    • Would you have had empathy for their struggle?
    • Would you have given them a chance to get beyond their frustration?
  • Would their attitude on that one day have caused you to distance yourself from them?
    • Would you have pushed away from a person who may have been your "life changing" domino in your life?
  • Make it a habit to recognize that EVERYONE is going through this adventure called "LIFE."
  • Make it a habit to look into the eyes of complete strangers and:
    •  "SEE" their struggles.
    • "SEE" their passion.
    • "SEE" their sorrow.
    • "SEE" that they, like you, are imperfect, and judge them not.
Take the extra step to help people in their life struggles, someday they will do the same for you.
Some day that person you helped may be "The One Person That "Forever"  Changes Your Life."  That person could be waiting around the next corner. That person might be someone you meet "TODAY."

My challenge is for you to:

  • Become the catalyst for change in another persons life!
  • Become the person that someone will identify years into the future as the person that started a series of events that made their life infinitely better.
  • Become a life changer!
Make it a habit and that habit that will serve you well.

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