Thursday, September 4, 2014

Envision your Future!

September is a time of fresh starts and a time for endings.  Every year when I was teaching students would enter school full of hope and dreams. For some students they wished for a better year than they had before. 

Their goal was to have a fresh start, old habits were to be discarded, and new fresh ones would take their place. For some the dreams died, for others the dream became the reality.  Why do some succeed and others fail. Don’t you have dreams that reflect what you desire out of life? Most of us do,  but some of us never truly believe that they can possibly achieve their dreams.

In order to achieve anything in life, you must be able to envision your desired outcome with passion. In addition, you must wholeheartedly believe that you can achieve all that you desire.

Yes, I know this is easier said than done.

First, you must consciously believe that you are worthy of achieving everything you desire - as long as it is positive, moral and ethical. In spite of any negative feedback you may have received that caused you to lose faith in your ability to have it all, you can turn this all around right now.

All great achievements are the result of a productive, strategic thought process and a series of very specific actions that cause them to manifest in the world.

Do you think that an achievement such as the climbing of Mount Everest (the highest mountain in this world) can occur without very specific mental preparations far before the actual accomplishment takes place? No, it does not!

Now perhaps you are thinking, I tried goal setting so often, and it does not seem to work for me.... Perhaps I should just accept this sad fact for what it is!

Wrong again! Goal setting and achieving what you want out of life is not hard at all! The biggest problem often is that we do not set the right goals. Often our 'goals' are little more than wishes, vague dreams or hopes. I am here to show you how to set effective goals and take responsibility for turning your dreams into reality.

The first step in envisioning your future is determining what you truly want out of life!
What would this be for you?

Some of the things I truly wanted out of life were:
  • The Choice to take part in work that is truly rewarding and meaningful
  • The ability to champion people to achieve their dreams and upgrade their quality of life
 Since these were not hopes, wishes, or vague dreams but strong core desires. I have been successful. I achieved success without the struggle and exhaustive effort that many experience in the pursuit of their dreams by following these principles.

Now, you may want to begin this process by identifying your own deepest core desires.
  • Think about it. What do you really want out of life?
  • What do you feel you cannot live without for the rest of your life?
  • Moreover, what would make you unhappy is you did not achieve it through the course of your life?
  • How motivated are you on a scale from 1 - 10 (ten being most motivated) to achieve these core desires?
  • What are you willing to 'sacrifice' (time, money, etc.) in order to achieve this result?
Now that you have determined at least one important desire that you have, the next step in the process is to envision yourself achieving it.
  • What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?
  • If you were invincible, how would you proceed with your plan to achieve your dreams?
  • What sort of person would you have to be in order to achieve this dream?
  • What would you have to do step-by-step to realize your achievement?
  • What do you need for resources, and who will you partner with and receive coaching from in order to realize your dream
If you allow yourself to step into your true power, you will feel the inner peace, exhilaration, and strength that come from possessing a positive expectation for your life. Even if you don't yet believe that you can achieve your dreams and ultimate desires, know that this belief will soon follow your decision to live boldly in the pursuit of your passions.

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