Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Do you ever sit and dream?

I'd like to ask you 3 questions designed to  you think...

Question 1:
Do you ever sit and dream about how you'd like your life to be?
  • What trips you'd like to take?
  • What cars you'd like to buy?
  • What homes you'd like to own?
  • And do you ever dream of earning 3, 4, even TEN TIMES your present income?

Now, unless you are different then most of us you do... and there is nothing wrong with dreams is there?

For many of us these dreams are fleeting dreams.  Why? Because the paradigm you have build for yourself over years brings you back to your reality and you know that if you dare to dream it won't happen and then you'll feel worse than you do right now...

We live by rules that shape how we see ourselves in the world, these rules were build over years and our dreams provide us with a small glimpse of what we think life would be like if we broke our own rules, So how do you feel about not daring to dream?
(I recommend you take a few moments to consider the implications here as we are talking about a MASSIVE effect on your life...)

Question 2:
Do you ever take time out and actually sit back and plan what's going to happen in your life, so that it happens to your design and not just like you're bumping around into things?
I suspect the answer is No. Why?Iis it because you're too busy just keeping up with what's going on right or is it because your vision of self and your life restricts the horizons you see for yourself?

You probably allow yourself a little bit of dream time and you make resolutions that somehow never get done; but other than that you've got your nose to the grindstone every hour you're not resting...
So how do you feel about not being able to take time out to plan?
(I recommend you take a few moments to consider the implications here as we are talking about a MASSIVE effect on your life...)

Question 3:
Do you want more than you're currently getting from life?
With... less pressure, less stress, less pain, less struggling...
And with... more money, more progress, more results and of course MORE HAPPINESS?
Sure you do...
Right now that is in this 'fleeting moment of presence'... But very shortly the rules you have imposed on yourself will kick in and you will convince yourself that... 'you don't have time for this anymore and get back to work'...

So what happens after you dream?
Do you talk yourself out of your dreams? Do you push them aside while you tend to the details of your day?
Because I don't think it's fair...
You work your entire life and the rules you live by prevent you from dreaming and making plans for your life...
I think after all the effort you put in you should be allowed to take time for yourself to plan your results, don't you?
The truth is…
Whatever results you are currently getting whilst living within the confines of what your own rules allow you to do is nothing compared to what is within easy reach for you... In fact it is enough to stagger the mind! Change your paradigm change your life.

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