Friday, November 7, 2014

Keep Your Brain Fit

Thanks to Marian for the idea

We need to keep our mind active as we age, one of the ways to do this is with technology. Boomers have embraced technology and we use it as much or perhaps more than the younger generations. Here are some apps that will help you stay mentally sharp 

TED Talks (for the iphone) or Ted Talks (for android) presents talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends.  You can watch while online or off.  Their video library is 1,400 and growing.  Many leave you thinking either “I never thought of it that way,” or “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Lumosity Mobile (iTunes) is designed by neuroscientists to enhance memory, attention, and more. With foundations in the study of neuroplasticity, Lumosity games have improved working core cognitive abilities in several research studies.  The mobile app is free, but it is not yet available for Android. So here is a link to some brain training apps for Android

Memory Trainer (Andriod) is a bit different in that it trains your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills.

Brain CafĂ©/Geo Quiz (Andriod) tests your knowledge of the planet Earth and all its wonders.

Brain Test HD (Android) offers 5 different brain tests: Memory, Speed, Flexibility, Accuracy and Reaction; with more on the way.

PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App (Andriod) is a vocabulary building app with a handy dictionary for challenging words.

Kahn Academy (iTunes & Android) has 4,200 videos/tutorials covering a wide range of topics.  You can even download some videos to watch offline.

DailyArt (iTunes & Android) is a free app that every day publishes one piece of fine art along with its details and a bit of no so well-known information.

Today’s Document (iTunes & Android) is the same as the Daily Art, but its items come from the US Archives.  There is a lot of background information on each document, and you can search or do a “surprise me” search.

Critical Thinking University ‘Think-O-Meter’ (iTunes) is all about critical thinking. Think through dozens of scenarios and test your ability to separate reliable facts from assumptions, focus on the relevant information, and think critically to get the right answer. Android has a similar app, Critical Thinking Basic.

AmbiScience (iTunes) offers a combination of ambient electronica and several effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST entrainment frequencies. Tune your mind to help you sleep, relax, focus or meditate.  Yep, listen your way to a better mind.

Twinoo (iTunes & Android) goes a bit further. You can now test your right or left lobes!  Yep, there is an app for that!

Fit Brains (iTunes) claims to improve your concentration and acuity in just minutes a day, the app contains fun brain games and training sessions that can be personalized.  It is the #1 selling brain training app.

Keeping your brain fit and functioning in enjoyable ways has never been so easy.

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