Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tips that help plan a 'getaway at home

 At this time of year, with friends, family and social commitments, there is very little time for you. The key is to get out of your regular environment,  and put yourself in a place where you can focus on yourself without distractions. 

Here are a few other tips that help plan a 'getaway at home away from the hustle"

1. Have clear goals for what you want to accomplish.  When you plan your getaway, be very clear of your goals. Do  not allow yourself to be distracted with other tasks, because they will eat up your time fast! 

2. Try to make it official "time away from the everything." If you are officially out of touch during this time, you can avoid emails, Facebook, appointments with clients, and your time  will be much more restful, enjoyable and productive. 

3.  Be flexible with your schedule.  
If you have 4 hours away,  think of it as having 4 hours to get things done.  Think of your time as 4 hours. So break up your time  The KEY is to plan to focus on what you want to do and to and accomplish during your getaway so that you can return to the seasonal celebrations, refreshed and renewed.. 

3. Be disciplined.  Sometimes it can be tempting for your mind to wander,  but by setting goals, and rewarding yourself with breaks,  you will be able to be productive AND accomplish your goals. Which leads me to tip #4. 

4.  Reward yourself with fun and breaks. 
When you have accomplished a goal, take a break and do something nourishing like taking a walk,  eating a nice meal, or getting a massage.  You will be more productive, more creative and more energized by taking breaks as you achieve your milestones. 

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