Monday, December 22, 2014

Why is it so important to keep a journal?

Keeping a journal will absolutely change your life in ways you've never imagined." - Oprah Winfrey

Why is it so important to keep a journal?

As our thoughts turn towards the holiday season and many of us get ready for some well deserved relaxation and fun with family and friends.This time of year is wonderful for so many different reasons, but what makes it so special is simply that ‘it gives me time to think.’ Yes I know I’m a thinker and I spend a LOT of time thinking, but at Christmas I get time to do ‘a different type of thinking…’
At Christmas you are free to think without other people’s agendas. You are not doing so much so you can be more conscious to your life, what’s important to you… Christmas time is your time a
nd it’s your time to think.
As you think your personal journal will:

  • Remind you of your goals and the actions you are taking towards them every day. Your are writing down your goals for next year right?
  • Allow you to factually track your progress as you head closer towards your goals. 
  • Help build your self-esteem because you are reaffirming the positive benefits you are achieving as you get closer to your goals.
  • Help to paint the picture every day of who you are becoming.
 When you see positive results as they happen, you will become energized with optimism.

Do you remember these?

Here are a couple of simple journal tips:

Keep a simple, short log , it's easy, and it usually only takes 1 minute of your time. Each day, make short entries into your journal, list such things as your attitude, emotions, diet, weight,
responses to situations and conditions in your life.

For example, if having a healthy heart is one of your goals, you will want to keep track of your cholesterol levels, your blood pressure, your weight. (Obviously, all of this data would not be
recorded daily, but some entry would be recorded each day)

Try this simple little exercise.

Get out a note pad or a sheet of paper and a pencil. Look at your watch. When the second hand hits 12, start timing yourself as you write down the following information:

5/27/12 Sun.-Felt great all day. Weight 135 pounds. Walked briskly for 20 minutes. Had healthy almonds and nuts for snacks.

More then likely, you completed writing down the information in approximately 1 minute. Yet, in that 1 minute, you created an important snapshot of important data in your life. You now have
historical data you c
an refer to as time goes by, to help you track your progress as you move towards your life goals.

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