Sunday, January 18, 2015

What is your goal, and are you reaching it?

Today some words about the word "it"and goal setting

What if you decided today to go for IT?

You are probably asking, "what is IT"?

"IT" could be any worthwhile goal:

You want to buy a home
You want a career change
You want to make more money
You want to start your own company
You want to retire early
You want to get over a health problem
You want to be a better father
You want to be a better mother
You want to break a record in sports

These are just a few examples, your "IT" could be something completely different. However, there is no doubt that you have an "IT", and that your life will change if you reach your "IT" goal.

OK, back to the question, what if you decided today to go for "IT"?

It might mean setting goals, it might mean more work, it might not be easy, it might be harder than not going for it.

But you know that your life would be better if you went for "IT" and got "IT". If you reached your "IT" goal your life would be better, you just know it, and guess are right!

I challenge you right now, as you read these words to take the plunge, to make the decision right now, TO GO FOR IT!

Because it matters.

Because "IT" can change your life.

Because success is always more difficult than
mediocrity but the rewards are HUGE!

Because you CAN do it.

Get out a notepad and pencil or pen right now.

Write down an action item list. What will you need to learn to reach your IT goal, who will you need to enlist to help you? This is important...right down all of the following:

The "IT" goal. Write it down and look at it everyday. Read it aloud and visualize yourself as already reaching it. Play this visualization back in your mind every night as you go to sleep. Create an incredible movie in your mind, picture your life after reaching your "IT" goal.

Set a deadline, when will you reach your "IT" goal?

Make a list of steps you must take to reach your "IT" goal.

Make a list of people who can help you and resources you will need to help you reach your "IT" goal.

Go to bookstores or library's right away  and read books that teach you how to reach your "IT" goal.

Keep track of what is working and what is failing...remember you will learn from your failures.

Find a mentor....someone who has been successful at reaching your "IT" goal. Model yourself after that person, learn how that person became successful and copy their model. Do not reinvent the wheel. If you want to quickly reach your "IT" goal, find someone who has already done it...follow their lead, they already made many mistakes which you can learn from.

Only tell people you love such as spouse and children about your "IT" goal. They will encourage you and help you. Friends may be inclined to discourage you. Why? Because they may have an "IT" goal too, that they have never reached. What if you reach your "IT" goal...will  they be jealous?

Focus on your "IT" goal everyday until it becomes a part of who you are.

Most important of all....make the decision to go for it. The GO decision is the must decide and you must decide NOW .....will you decide to go for "IT"?

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