Saturday, August 29, 2015

Are you computer literate?

Boomers are for the most part computer literate, but what skills should we have when we are navigating the Internet. If you can do these you have basic computer Internet skills.  Having and understanding these tasks will make it less confusing when you are in the process of creating or setting up your own product on the internet. It is great if you already know these skills!

 1.) Creating folders
 2.) Naming and renaming files
 3.) “Dragging and dropping”
 4.) Copying and moving files/folders
 5.) Zipping and unzipping files
 6.) Installing a software program
 7.) Opening a program
 8.) Copying and pasting text
 9.) Editing and saving files/documents
10.) Save vs. Save As
11.) “Googling” and other online research
12.) Opening a PDF file with Adobe reader
13.) Using productivity software such as Word and Excel, or OpenOffice
14.) Online business terms

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