Friday, August 21, 2015

Ever had one of those days?

Ever have a day when you feel like staying in bed, covers over the head. Let's face it, there are just some days where taking action seems impossible. 

Maybe something has happened and you feel completely discouraged.  

Maybe you've been taking action yet the results just aren't showing up so you feel dejected. 

Maybe you simply just can't get yourself into the right frame of mind to take action.  We've all been there.

How do you get out of this mindset? One way is to think about this question:

What inspires you?

What gets you off your duff? What inspires you? Brings a smile to your face?

For me it's music. I simply can't sit still when I hear Credence Clearwater

For one of my close friends it is reading historical novels, for another it is painting, another friend takes inspiring photography.  For some it may be having Gourmet coffee and cake.

Think for a moment about what gets you moving. Got it? Visualize yourself doing it. Good!

Now the next time you're lacking the drive to get into action, try using that to kickstart yourself.

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