Saturday, September 5, 2015

A tribute to Verna Ledger

My mother-in-law Verna Ledger, died on September 1, 2015 from a massive heart attack, she was 88 years, she was a very strong, demanding but loving woman. She will be missed by her daughter, (my wife) her son Tom, and all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as her Sister Lou, her brother-in-law Gord, and all of her Nieces, Nephews, great Nieces and great Nephews. 
She will also be missed by her friends in the Dogwood Choir and her friends in the BC Labour movement and all those she helped and trained over her long career as a member of her union, and her work at the Workers Compensation Board of BC.
What the younger generation may not have known about their grandmother is that she was a pioneer in the labour movement in BC. As well, Verna was a pioneer in the area of Health and Safety in BC and in Canada. So to honour her, and her work and legacy, here are two professional videos where she talks about her life, her work and her story.

The first video is a speech she gave at the BC Nurses Union Occupational Health and Safety conference: Building For a Safe and Healthy Future in 2004
The second video is the first in a series of three videos that focuses on the history of health and safety in British Columbia’s forest industry:  


  1. Your mother-in-law was a terrific person who made a major contribution to improving workers' health and safety and improving women's rights in the workplace. I was honoured and privileged to know her.
    Cathy Walker
    Former Health and Safety Director, Canadian Auto Workers Union

    1. Thank you Cathy. I will pass your thoughts on to my wife and her brother.