Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 11

Danielle and her family arrived in Rye, and I was glad to see them, although the strain of having her mom in critical condition is weighing heavily on my daughter and her partner.  My grandson knows something is wrong but he is not sure what is wrong.

I think small children although they are too young to know the details or the seriousness of a situation, can sense tension in the air. As adults we have to be careful to make sure that our stress and tension does not too adversely affect the young children. Ryder had been taken out of his routine because of the issues with his grandmother and although he did not act out we could tell he was upset

This morning we all drove into the hospital together and Danielle and I went to see Colleen, while Adam and Ryder went to play in the park. 

Paranoia is one of the effects of Acquired Brain Injury and it can last for a short time or a long time. This morning Colleen thought that the "powers that be" in the hospital were plotting to keep her in the hospital against her will. I thought it best to go along with Colleen's ideas  and we came up with a plan where we would work out together on how to convince those out to get her that she was getting better and should be allowed out. My daughter had a few problems with this approach, but I took her aside and we talked about the fact that we had to keep her mom calm, because of the danger of high blood pressure setting off a vibration. So my daughter agreed to go along with me on this approach.

By working out a plan, Colleen seemed to stay calm which was important as we were again moving into the 4th to 7th days after the second operation, where  the risk of arterial vibration was again high. We were hopeful that in three or four days, she would be out of the danger zone and would move off the critical care ward to the high dependency ward. 

Even though she was feeling that people were out to get her, Colleen was in good spirits. I saw that she was still a bit confused about some aspects of what was going on around her but her mood was light and positive. Colleen recognized  Danielle, and me and I was happy about that. 

We talked about the Melbourne cup and the wonderful costumes and laughed at the idea of a whole state shutting down for a week for races. The morning went fast and when Colleen had her lunch, she became tired and went to sleep, at this point Danielle and I went to join Adam. 

Ryder was enjoying the playground but we thought it best if they drove back to Rye so he could see his cousins. I would stay the afternoon with Colleen, take the train back and would be picked up in Frankston later on that day

The afternoon went slowly as Colleen slept for most of it, but the nurses did tell me that they thought Colleen would be moved soon to the high dependency ward. Good news, this meant, she was one step closer to discharge and closer to being allowed to go home.

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