Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 12

Today was a quiet day,  The medications were working so Colleen was not suffering anymore arterial vibrations. One of the side effects of the medication is that she sleeps a lot, so I had time to walk around the park and explore the area around the hospital.

I was getting used to the 3 hour one way trips and appreciated the efforts of the people I was staying with for the duration. I was staying with my daughters partners brother Dan, his children and his best friend Bogs.  In July, Dan, his wife Nikki, their three children and Bogs, came to Canada and stayed with us for about five weeks as they explored the lower mainland, They then went to Disneyland and Universal Studios for a about a week before returning home to Australia.

The original plan was for us to stay with them for a few days before we flew back to Vancouver. They are a wonderful group of people but I am hopeful that my stay will be short.  
Dan, who owned his own business along with Bogs was not working because of back injury and Bogs was not working as he was not well. I did not want to impose, so I rationalized that I was contributing to the household by paying rent and by helping with buying groceries and gas for the car.

Dan and Bogs went off to a concert in Sydney today and my daughter and her family cane down from Sawmill, so I was glad that Colleen was feeling better and that my daughter would be able to see her on Friday. 

Colleen, when she was awake was more cognizant of her surroundings and was starting to realize that she was in Australia and that she had had an Aneurysm bleed. She still was able to identify all of the people in the pictures and her attitude seemed to be getting more positive. 

Over the past couple of days there had been a few bouts of frustration. Who can blame her? She is not allowed out of bed, she has a tube sticking out of her head to drain the fluid, she has needles in her veins to pump in medication and fluid, as well she has a catheter and a tube up her nose to feed her more liquids when she is getting depleted. They also monitor her blood pressure ever 20 minutes. I would be going crazy myself, so I am happy that 95% of her time awake she has a positive attitude. 

Colleen is looking forward to seeing Danielle and Adam on Friday and the hope is that by Sunday she will be in another unit and Ryder will be allowed to visit. Another good day 

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