Friday, November 6, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 14

Today was the first day in the new ward. Finally, we are hoping to see more improvement. Colleen still has poor short term memory at this point, she is truly living in the moment. It must be frustrating for her, I know it is for me, but her frustration is not yet apparent so I am keeping my frustration in check.  She made the transition from the Intensive Care Ward to the Critical Care Ward with no apparent problems. Since she is in the new ward, the physiotherapists and other specialists will start working with her and my hope is that she will get mobile. 

Ryder came to visit and even though his granny had a tube sticking out of her head and tubes in her arms, he did not seem to notice and they had a great but short visit. 

Ryder's visit was a highlight for Colleen and I could see that she was happy to see him. From time to time in his conversations with her, she had to look for help in understanding the context of what he was talking about with her. The afternoon went well.

She is still confused about what happened and where she is. After Ryder, and the family left, we spent time talking about her mom, her aunt and her sister-in-law, and when they could visit.  The day went well, and with the move to the new ward, we are one day closer to getting home. But the move was tiring to her and she slept for most of the day, except for the short visit with Danielle and her family. 

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