Saturday, November 7, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 15

On this Sunday we were hopeful that Colleen could get out and visit with Ryder in the Garden Area of the hospital, but she did not have a good night, so she was tired. As well there was a new nurse with us.  

After we left yesterday, Colleen woke up had decided that she would love to explore her surroundings. She believed that she was strong enough to walk. Unfortunately this caused some problems with her supervision, so rather than restrain her the hospital brought in a nurse to sit with her to prevent her from wandering too far and getting lost or injured. Colleen still had the danger of a stroke which could be caused by vibrations of the arteries and she could also fall if she was not watched.

So we visited in the room and under the watchful eye of the nurse we went for a walk along the corridor and back, a total of about 75 feet each way. It was enough to tire Colleen out and she dozed off and on during the visit. I think having Danielle there was a help to both her and her mom, although I suspected that Colleen was a bit confused, she did not show it with Danielle there. We did get a chance to go out to the Garden Area with Ryder but it was only for about 30 minutes.

The afternoon went well and Danielle, Adam and Ryder left about 4:00 to go to Sawmill Settlement, as it was a four hour drive. They would be back next weekend. So far progress looks good, no setbacks and Colleen's short term memory was coming back. Very slowly, but it was returning. She remembered parts of the trip and was starting to remember who I was, which made me feel a lot better.

I took the opportunity in the afternoon, to touch base with everyone back home by phone. I was now in the habit of touching base with a few people back home who spread the word to others about Colleen's progress. 

I made the point this Sunday of talking to Colleen's mom and giving her an update. Colleen's mom was upset but she was glad that Colleen was doing better. Colleen's mom had hoped we would be home in November and was upset when I told her that we would probably not be home before Christmas, but our goal was to get home for Christmas. I don't know how I would stand up if I knew one of my kids was in the hospital and I could not be with them. Colleen's mom is a very strong woman.

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