Thursday, November 19, 2015

Acquired Brain Injury Day 27

The tests had come back, the Doctor said as she explained that Colleen actually had contracted two separate infections and that the antibiotics she had been given worked only on one of the infections. The Doctor said that they had started Colleen on another treatment the night before that the Dr. hoped would get rid of the second infection. 

This morning the Dr. told me that the change in medication, appeared to be working and Colleen was able to respond to questions. Colleen had a good meeting with the Speech Pathologist where Colleen talked about Ireland being one of her favorite places to visit and she went on to explain why she loved Ireland. 

Colleen also went to another meeting with the Occupational Therapist which went well this time, according to the Therapist. It was a tiring day for Colleen, she still was a bit confused about where her room was located. Luckily Adam's Mom had sent some beautiful flowers and those were allowed in her room. Her short term memory was back enough for her to know that she had the room with the flowers. 

There was a lock down as well today, it happened just after Colleen came back from her Occupational Therapy session. We had been given permission from the Dr. to leave the war--not the hospital so we decided to walk down to the cafeteria. However, when we were talking about leaving, the nurse closed the door and told us not to leave the room.  

We heard shouting and banging,which upset Colleen, so I looked out the door to see what was going on. The 40 year old man who I mentioned a day or so ago, who wanted to go home was having a meltdown. There was a team of people I am assuming his medical team was there talking to him trying to get him to gain control. From what I could see, he was not putting any of the staff in danger, but he was perhaps putting himself at risk. 

I also noticed that behind the team there were about six big security guards, but they were keeping out of sight of the man. It took about 15 minutes but the man was finally calmed down by the staff and taken back to his room. Colleen and I then were allowed to leave the room and went for a coffee. Colleen's sympathies were with the man as she too wanted to go home.

By 4:30 Colleen was tired and she went for a nap, I had brought her phone and left her with it and said that she could phone me. She phoned about 8:00 that night and left me a message to phone when I woke up. I phoned her back and she had fallen asleep but she thought she had slept for 14 hours when she had only slept for 3. She also phoned her mom and talked to her.

Another day with more forward than backward movement so I was happier.

As an aside, it was interesting and frustrating that the experts when they were talking to Colleen, tended to look at me for answers, I know that Colleen noticed this behavior, but did not vent or point it out to the staff. I thought that was a great step forward in frustration and anger management. 

The experts, I don't think, were deliberately looking to me for answers to simple questions, but I think it was a habit. Some of the patients perhaps did not have the cognitive skills needed to respond.

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